Progressive Issue Discussion Meeting
                          1st meeting April 30, 1:30, Willow Room
I feel there is a need for a non-business meeting 
  -- no business; no events; no money --

o) Where all present can express their (progessive?) thoughts.
o) Where we can learn about the issues/thoughts of others.
o) Where we can improve the presentation of our own issues/thoughts.
o) All present will be encouraged to speak.  There will be a 2 minute time limit.  
o) Come prepared to speak about something you want to say; and listen.

The subjects of discussion:

o) Local, state, national, international issues (see note A).
o) The various progressive organizations.
o) How to best promote progressive issues.
o) How to best motivate activism among progressive thinkers.
o) How to battle the "alt-right" negativism and demonization of progressive issues.
o) How to make town halls (with a legislator present) happen.
o) Add your subject.
o) .. to be continued

Note A: The issues

o) Abortion o) Citizen's United o) Civil rights o) Climate change o) Death penalty o) Drug laws o) Education o) Election access o) Energy o) Environment o) Fake news o) Healthcare o) Immigration o) Infrastructure o) LBGT rights o) Media bias o) Militiary budget o) Minimum wage o) Money in politics/government o) Nation building o) National debt o) Prison reform o) Regulation o) Separation of Church/State o) Talk radio o) Tax fairness o) Terrorism o) Trade agreements o) Wall Street Regulation o) War(s) o) Add your issue o) .. to be continued
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ end